5 Key Tips To Ace Your Online Interview

Online interviews are becoming increasingly popular as a way for employers to filter candidates. Although it may seem to be a casual chat from the comfort of your own home, the digital interview should not be taken lightly. If you’re able to ace your online interview then you’ll go straight through to the next stage – this is how you do it.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the format

An online interview can be an unnerving experience if you’ve never done one before. From seeing yourself on screen, to knowing where to direct eye contact and dealing with any time delays, there’s a lot that can be unsettling. It’s often worth doing a practice interview with a friend or family member who can act as the interviewer. That way you’ll already be used to the format when the real thing comes around.

Set the stage for taking the call

Especially if the call is late at night or early in the morning it can be tempting to be relaxed about where you take it. However, you’re not going to impress anyone if you’re sitting in bed when you speak to them. Choose a suitable backdrop for your online interview – a clean, uncluttered area without too many personal effects. Avoid common or shared areas where anyone is likely to walk through.

Make eye contact as you would during a regular interview

Even though there is a screen and plenty of mileage between you and the interviewer(s) you still need to engage with them. Eye contact is the simplest and fastest way to do that but can be difficult to achieve during an online interview. Once you’ve done a few practice runs you should be more familiar with how to use the webcam to make eye contact but keep reminding yourself throughout the process that this is necessary, despite the screen.

Choose the right light for the conversation

Low lighting for an online interview can seem overly intimate while light that is too harsh won’t be flattering. Try to find a compromise between the two when you’re choosing where to sit. If you can, position yourself were there is as much natural daylight as possible. Daylight tends to be the most flattering light and will also look much more professional. The aim is to be able to allow the interviewer to see your face while also portraying you in a professional light.

Dress the part

What you wear for an online interview isn’t just about the impression you make but the way that you feel too. If you’re only dressed from the waist up or you haven’t showered or washed your hair you’ll feel it throughout the conversation. Make the effort to look professional so that the interviewer can see you care about the outcome of the interview – and also so that you feel professional too.

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