5 things that a recruitment agency will need to help you find your dream job

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If you’re keen to find your dream job then working with an experienced recruitment agency is a great first step. A recruiter can help you to find the latest opportunities on the market and to ensure that you have access to the most exciting employers. Working with a recruitment agency can also be useful when it comes to focusing on exactly what that dream job might look like.

With that in mind, these are just some of the things that a recruitment agency will need to know to help you find that dream job:

1. Job hunting motivation

Why are you looking for a new job? For many people remuneration and benefits will be a major factor in seeking out a new employer but there is usually more to consider than just money. In fact, recruiters are often put off by candidates driven only by the financial side because an offer of a salary increase may be all that is required to stay put. So, it’s a good idea to start by identifying what else it is that is motivating you to look for a new job – for example; are you keen for better career opportunities, better management or more impressive company performance?

2. Your ideal employer

In an ideal world who do you really want to work for, and why? The best place to start is by identifying the businesses you most respect and those that you feel offer the most exciting opportunities. It can also be useful to create a list of companies that you don’t want to work for, as well as those you have already approached. This will provide an insightful starting point for your dream job search.

3. Where are you right now?

When you start working with a recruitment agency they will want to know where you currently are in your job search. Even if you don’t have any interviews or offers on the table you’ll still need to be able to provide information on who you’ve seen or contacted and what you’ve experienced so far. With this kind of insight your recruiter can help to speed up the recruitment process and perhaps create some healthy competition between interested parties.

4. What can you offer an employer?

You need to give a recruitment agency effective tools to work with if you want to find that dream role. That means not only creating a strong CV, but also identifying which of your skills would make you most attractive to an employer, and why. Are you a problem solver, can you help an employer save money or are you the person to call on in a crisis?

5. What examples of achievement can you provide?

This is another crucial tool for recruitment agencies – a person-specific example (or two) of where effort has produced tangible results. For example, did you deliver on timelines early and save a former employer five figures as a result? A recruitment agency will be able to use examples of achievement such as this to make you stand out from other candidates in the crowd.

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