5 ways to make yourself a more desirable candidate

Candidate at Interview

Businesses are always on the lookout for new and skilled talent to join their teams. To give yourself the best chance of getting your ‘dream job’, you need to be a desirable candidate to potential employers. By investing in your skills, abilities and qualifications, you can quickly find yourself in a much stronger position to meet the requirements of more job vacancies. If you’re keen to ensure that you land the job you’ve always wanted, here are 5 ways that you can make yourself a more desirable candidate.

1. Self-Teaching

If you are looking to improve your language proficiency and get deep into topics such as business skills or HR then the Open University’s OpenLearn programme is perfectly designed. The resources available include a wide range of articles and activities, eBooks, video and audio, all of which can be accessed at your own pace and in the most convenient location to you.

2. Develop new skills

If you lack a specific skill for the sector you want to work in, there are many opportunities to develop new skills through qualifications or practical training courses. For example, the New Skills Academy offers an incredibly wide range of different options which can help you to upskill your CV and present yourself as a more desirable candidate for the role you want. There are more than 200 courses available via this platform alone, and the range of options means that there is something to suit pretty much everyone, whether you’re looking for hard qualifications or soft skills.

3. Utilise LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn’s Lynda.com platform is an initiative that offers access to more than 6,000 different online courses, from business topics through to web development. Many of the courses include input from some of the leading experts in their fields, giving the courses greater credibility, whilst being easily accessible through the social media platform. The Learning Paths section is dedicated to focusing on specific careers and roles and provides progressive advice on how to achieve them via a series of videos. These courses are available at your fingertips and can help you to present yourself as a more desirable candidate by demonstrating a willingness to learn.

4. Demonstrate Professional Development

With more than 65,000 courses and an impressive 15 million students worldwide, Udemy is one huge resource for those looking for the next course to attend to continue their professional development. Like many academies, there are often “new student” discounts available, which means that you can continue to develop and increase your knowledge, demonstrating your willingness to continuously improve and grow in a professional setting, but at a more affordable cost.

5. Focus on specific skills

If you require more specific, cutting edge skills to make yourself stand out as a candidate, then there are even more tailored organisations that offer courses that are likely to be more helpful. The General Assembly is a great example of an organisation that specialises in offering courses from coding to data science and many of their courses are focused on tools and skills for the modern internet age.

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