Fine tune your CV to land the new job you want in the new year

January is an optimum time for a job search, as everyone is starting afresh for the new year and a range of new roles become available. It’s also one of the busiest times in recruitment and it’s important to be prepared. Your CV is an essential tool to a productive job search – it’s the document that will help get you into the interview room. If you’re keen to land the job you want in 2019 then now is the time to start fine tuning your CV.

Start with a template

Your CV may have become rather unstructured and unwieldy over the years and you may not realise just how difficult it has become to read. If you start again with a template then you can ensure you have the ideal structure for delivering key information in the right way.

Be ruthless

Cut any information that isn’t 100% necessary from your initial CV. Most of those reading the CV will be time poor so it’s essential to ensure that your key information is easy to see and digest. Focus on experience and education, followed by skills. If this leaves no room for the “extras,” such as hobbies, then  -unless the job description asks for them – leave them out.

Use simple, straightforward language

Buzz terms, industry jargon and acronyms are very off-putting to anyone trying to read and understand your CV. Use simple, clear, short sentences and steer clear of business language and clichés.

You’ll need more than one CV

If you’re applying for a range of different roles then you’ll need to have a version of your CV for each one, tailored to that specific job and employer. Even if you make only subtle changes between each CV, the idea is to customise it so that it displays your skills and experience in the best light for that specific role.

Sell yourself

Your CV needs to be effective so don’t shy away from selling yourself as a candidate. As well as education and experience that other candidates may also have, focus on what makes you stand out as an individual. That could be examples of commercial success, management or specific issues or situations that you have resolved.

Mistakes and errors are the largest obstacle

If you’ve spent time and effort honing your CV, don’t waste it by not checking for mistakes. Spelling and grammar issues will see your CV sent straight to the bin – no employer will be impressed by errors at this level.

Update your CV on a regular basis

The CV you send out should be current to where you are in your career right now. If it only goes up to the beginning of your last role, for example, you’re missing out on an opportunity to provide up to date information and an employer may wonder why you haven’t taken the trouble to do this.

A great CV will pave the way for opportunities to interview for your dream role. It’s worth spending time on your CV to make sure you get it right.

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