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Hiring Inefficiencies: A Significant Time Drain for UK Businesses

On average, employers spend 37% of their time on tasks associated with hiring activities, highlighting that these processes have become a major time drain. This is according to recent research by Indeed, which also found that UK businesses spend a third of their hiring budget on administrative tasks. Let’s look at the most common hiring inefficiencies and what can be done.

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What Hiring Inefficiencies Is Time Being Wasted On?

The survey, which examined the hiring challenges faced by UK businesses, found that the second most significant hurdle, right after talent shortages, is the ‘time-consuming’ nature of the hiring process. Indeed’s findings highlight the urgent need for streamlining these processes to meet the demands of a competitive job market.

A quarter of UK employers dedicate up to 10 hours per week exclusively to scheduling interviews.

Hiring decision-makers also spend over 6 hours per week on tasks such as CV screening (56%), candidate assessment (55%), and candidate sourcing (55%).


Why Are Administrative Tasks Taking So Long to Carry Out When Hiring?

UK businesses reported that administrative tasks like candidate sourcing (29%), candidate assessment (23%), CV screening (22%), and background checks (21%) are the most challenging aspects of hiring.

With almost a million job vacancies in the UK, this recent research reveals the significant time and resources wasted on hiring inefficiencies.

hiring inefficiencies

What Can Be Done?

Using a recruitment agency is an efficient method of hiring new staff. There is a financial cost but this is only payable once your new hire starts with your company and the fee is offset by the amount of time you are saving.

Recruitment agencies are able to handle the majority of hiring administrative tasks such as candidate sourcing, CV screening, background checks and candidate assessments. All you need to do is provide your job description, tell us about your company culture so we can make a great match, and let us know when you’re free for interviews.

Using a recruitment agency can also reduce the amount of interviews you need to carry out for each role. We cherry-pick the cream of the crop from our extensive database of candidates so you only see the candidates that are going to make an excellent fit in your organisation.

With most of the hiring administrative tasks done for you, it also reduces the amount of stress you have in the hiring process. Freeing you up to concentrate on the onboarding and training of your new employees.



What is the impact of inefficient hiring processes on businesses?

Inefficient hiring processes can lead to delayed hires, increased costs, candidate frustration, and a negative perception of your company.


What are the benefits of improving hiring efficiency?

Improved hiring efficiency can lead to quicker hires, better allocation of resources, enhanced candidate experience, and a competitive edge in the job market.


Why is it important to streamline administrative tasks in hiring?

Streamlining administrative tasks can free up time for more strategic activities, improve overall efficiency, and reduce the burden on hiring decision-makers.



Indeed’s research underscores the considerable time and resources being consumed by the administrative side of hiring. Addressing these hiring inefficiencies is crucial for businesses to optimise their hiring processes, better allocate their resources, and stay competitive in a crowded job market.









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