Interview Tips

The top interview tips from our experienced recruitment consultants

When you get an offer of an interview, the employer clearly likes the look of your CV, so now is the time to move to the next step and prepare for your interview. This is your opportunity to impress them in person. We present our top interview tips to help you along the way:

  • Do your research: Before you attend the interview, be sure to do as much research on the company or organisation as possible, as well as the job role itself. Look out for the latest developments in the industry including trends, technology and legislation changes and grow your understanding of the needs and goals of the business.
  • Practice your answers: You can’t predict every single question that you are going to be asked, but you can prepare for the common questions like:
    • What do you know about our organisation?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • What are your long term career aspirations?
    • What has been your biggest achievement?
  • Dress smartly: Appearance is important when attending a job interview, so be sure to dress appropriately.
  • Clean up your social media pages: Although it doesn’t always happen, some employers will search for you on Google or look at your social media activity. Make sure you don’t appear to be doing anything that could damage your chances of getting the job!
  • Prepare Questions: Questions can help you get the information you need, but they also show that you have done your research. Prepare questions about their business and the industry as a whole to show that you know what they do.
  • Stay calm: Plan ahead, rather than leaving everything to the last minute!
  • Look up the address: It’s better to plan your route rather than run the risk of arriving late or getting lost.

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