Prepare for your interview with these key tips

So you’ve managed to get an interview for the job you have always wanted, perhaps following a number of different applications, so how can you give yourself the best possible chance to get the job? Preparation is the key to this. Here are our top 5 ways to prepare and be ready for your upcoming job interview:

1. Discover the specifics and how you fit

Find out about the company – not only what products or services they offer, but their core values, background, and think about how you would fit into this in the role being advertised. This will allow you to think about why you are interested in the role, when you are inevitably asked! Re-read the job description, and pick out key skills they are looking for to work out in advance where you align with these and what experience you have in each area. Practising these answers in advance will help you to exude confidence and come across as well-prepared.

2. Be interested

Another essential element of a job interview is demonstrating your interest in the company offering the job opening. You can do this by asking a range of questions, such as “What KPIs would be measured in this role?” or “What does collaboration between departments look like and is this a common occurrence?” The more specific your questions are, the better, as this will make you stand out as being interested in this job in particular.

3. Make an effort in person

It’s all very well coming across professionally on paper, but it’s also important to make an effort in person. Make sure that you dress appropriately – you can ask your recruiter about the dress code if you are unsure, to give you the best possible guidance.  Simple things like shining your shoes and making sure your hair is tidy can make a strong impression, and arriving 10-15 minutes early is worthwhile to give you an impression of the business as well as seeming organised. Make sure you greet your interviewers with a firm and sure handshake, looking them in the eye at the same time to connect with them individually.

4. Prepare your paperwork

Although you have already submitted paperwork to your interviewer, there are a number of things that you should bring with you on the day. Firstly, you should bring at least 5 copies of your CV, to refresh the memories of those interviewing you, or give the information to interviewers who may not have seen your CV yet. Bring a pen and notepad to allow you to take notes. Although we live in a largely digital-focussed world, making notes on your smartphone may come across as unprofessional, where as a pen and paper will be less distracting.

5. Be the best of yourself

Practice your body language to appear as confident and relaxed as possible, even when you are feeling nervous. Be respectful in the way you speak to not only those interviewing you, but also the receptionist, those who greet you when you arrive, and everyone you meet at the interview location. When you are asked questions, be honest while keeping your answers concise and focused, as well as being positive about past employers… even if they were not the easiest to work for! All of these things will help you to demonstrate integrity and strong personal character that will give you a potential advantage over other candidates.

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