Top 15 Jobs Most In Demand Now During 2021

We learned in 2020 that industries can be changed dramatically by unforeseen circumstances. Industries such as hospitality and aviation have been hit hard. High street retail was already suffering before the pandemic began and has continued to decline during multiple lockdowns.

Jobs That Are Most In Demand Now During 2021

Other industries have boomed such as DIY stores and online retailers. Many industries have had to increase their workforce to keep up with demand including healthcare, education, finance, and the property sector.

These shifts in the workforce have left many looking for new opportunities. To facilitate this, LinkedIn analysed the latest data to see which jobs were most in demand now in 2021.


  1. Frontline Ecommerce Workers

This won’t have come as any surprise considering the high street has been closed for much of 2020 and 2021 and retail sales have boomed online. Sales and support staff and have been required to keep up with demand in the digital landscape.

  1. Loan and Mortgage Experts

Incentive schemes from the Government has kept the property market booming last year and into this year. Due to the pandemic, many companies and individuals have had to seek out financial support to keep them afloat.

  1. Health Care Support Staff

It will not come as a surprise that health care support staff are in high demand both in the public and private sectors. Last year saw a surge in workers needed to help support doctors and nurses and this continues into 2021.

Top 15 Jobs That Are Most In Demand Now During 2021

  1. Business Development and Sales Professionals

Recruitment for these professionals saw an increase of 45% between 2019 and 2020 and they continue to be in high demand. Job roles that can show a measurable benefit to an organisation’s bottom line have been highly sought after to keep businesses afloat during the current uncertain economic outlook.

  1. Experts in Workplace Diversity

It’s not just the pandemic that has shaped the job market, there has been a surge in interest around greater diversity in society, including the workplace. High profile cases and protests have sparked growth in this area.

  1. Digital Marketing Professionals

The digital world has boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses have wanted to take advantage of consumers’ extra screen time. Recruitment of Digital Marketing professionals boomed to help organisations market their products and services to this larger audience.

  1. Nurses

Perhaps the most obvious of jobs in demand during a pandemic crisis, nurses have been the backbone of our health service as well as care facilities and nursing homes.

  1. Education Professionals

As well as the health care industry, the education system has been extremely stretched during the Covid crisis. Demand has increased not only for teachers but for education support workers such as teaching assistants and tutors.

The Top 15 Jobs That Are Most In Demand Now During 2021

  1. Digital Content Creators

Demand for this job role grew 49% from 2019 to 2020 and this demand continues into 2021. During multiple lockdowns consumers wanted to be entertained through their devices and Digital Content Creators have been sought after to create engaging content.

  1. Professional and Personal Coaches

Recent events have caused many people to re-evaluate not only their careers but also their whole lives. Coaches are in demand by both organisations and individuals, recruitment for these job roles have increased by 51% since 2019.

  1. Software Developers

With the increase in ecommerce and the consumption of more digital entertainment, came the need for IT professionals to develop and sustain this technology. Job roles that are seeing a peak in demand are Web Developers, Frontend Developers, Game Developers and Full Stack Engineers.

  1. Mental Health Specialists

The pandemic has taken a great toll on many peoples’ mental health with has triggered an increase in recruitment to fill job roles such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapists, Psychotherapists and Mental Health Technicians.

  1. User Experience (UX) Professionals

In the same IT industry as Software Developers, UX Professionals specialise in the way a website or app functions and seek to improve the user experience consumers have on these websites and apps.

15 Jobs That Are Most In Demand Now During 2021

  1. Data Science Specialists

An uncertain economy and outlook mean organisations have relied more heavily on data to understand the landscape. Recruitment for job roles such as Data Scientists and Data Management Analysts has increased by 46% since 2019.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

AI was booming before Covid-19 hit and it hasn’t slowed down. Many organisations have looked for technological advancements to give them a competitive edge and safeguard their futures. Other organisations have needed to use more artificial intelligence in their processes to keep up with increased consumer demand.


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