Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Recruit Top Talents

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the working world. In recent months there have been layoffs and downsizing, creating a pool of very talented candidates and executives who are only likely to be available for a short time. If your business is starting to plan for the future, then now is the ideal moment to recruit the best people.

People matter

Time and time again, history has shown us that investing in people pays off. When some organisations are downsizing and cutting numbers, some realise the opportunity that presents itself at that moment for overcoming skill shortages and closing talent gaps. Hewlett Packard in the 1940s is a prime example of this – the company kept hiring when others said they couldn’t afford to because, as the founders stated, “How could we afford not to!” Freezing hiring during a downturn has so often proved to be a mistake while continuing to invest in people is frequently the reason that some businesses survive when others don’t – that’s why now is such a perfect time to focus on recruitment. So how do you do it?

1. Don’t let standards slip if the process is entirely remote.

It’s as important as it has always been to ensure that you’re checking references, interviewing and getting to know the experience, outlook and soft skills of the people you’re considering hiring. If you need some guidance on how to shift your recruitment processes to a remote model, we can help.

2. Make hiring a priority for the business.

Some of the biggest names in business (see Amazon) often focus on how the quality of the hiring process is a big part of why the business is successful. So, make sure that you invest in recruitment with a focused approach that targets those areas where you know talented people are currently looking for work or where sectors are downsizing. Dedicate people to ensure that your hiring approach is fit for purpose or bring the professionals in to help make sure that you get a return on your recruitment investment.

3. Go the extra mile.

You are unlikely to be the only organisation out there looking to identify and secure the best talent. Above and beyond salary and benefits, there may be many other things that candidates are looking for. You could bring your senior leaders in to pitch their vision and values and explain why they think so highly of the business. Remember, too, that many people will now be looking for a more flexible lifestyle or greater autonomy within a role.

4. Don’t forget to look within.

A crisis like COVID-19 can present a real opportunity. Those who already work for you could be ready to rise to the occasion and prove themselves in a new way. Make sure that your recruitment strategy includes an element of nurturing the talent that is coming up in-house.

Now is an ideal time to start recruiting to build a future for your business that is exciting and bold.

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